This is a community and resource ministry for those in pursuit of God and the deeper Christian life.

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Here’s a glance at what you can expect. Please browse our pages and links and check back often as we continue to add features and grow.

  • Burning Hearts  – About – Cultivating a burning heart for God is our priority. Read the story about the original Fellowship of the Burning Heart (1947), their pledge to God, and a message why the Fellowship ended. God took great notice and favored those of that Fellowship. Ours is a community and ministry.
  • Today The Holy Spirit movements in our generation, in the last 70 years, is eye-opening perspective for what God is doing today. Be sure to click on the flame icon and be prepared for a moving video or two.
  • Blog – This is an inspirational blog you can subscribe to by email or read here online
  • Events – Plan a spiritual retreat day or two for your group.
  • Mentoring – One-on-one mentoring with a trained listening friend who will pray with you and help you discern God in your life.
  • Artists – Explore creative devotion to God through art. We feature Christian artists and their work.
  • Bookstore – Recommended reading and book store for our kind of books — about the deeper Christian life.
  • Contact and Submissions – A community and ministry is only as good as its participants. Please join us.


Blogs that Inspire

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FIRE Journal

Burning Hearts for God’s inspirational publication is a beautiful and meaningful turn-the-page small magazine featuring articles for those in pursuit of God. These are free to forward to others through email and online.  Our first two issues are here, see links below. Please sign up to receive these quarterly issues as they are published. See Subscribe form.

FIRE – FALL 2018 – In Love with God

FIRE – WINTER 2019 – Hearing God