Calling all artists!

This is a place to share your devotion to God through whatever your art happens to be. Photography, fine art, pencil sketches, music (in media that has sound), poetry, calligraphy, sculpture, storytelling (a video), whatever . . . We invite you to share your gift, your unique creativeness, with us. We’ll direct viewers to your website, if you have one.

Devotion to God births creativity because we are the most alive in this world when we are awakened to God’s love and wonder.

This is a good way to share our burning hearts for God with one another. Stop by often!


Featured Artist, Don Merritt –  Summer, 2018

Don Merritt has taken to the internet as an artist with a cause from on high. He has over 6,000 blog post followers and writes indepth bible study lessons just for the pleasure of sharing what he has learned through his life and studies.

Here is his humble bio from the “Welcome” page and the link below will take you to his blogs.

Don Merritt (that’s me) is just a regular guy who has had a half-century of living life.  I’ve had experiences that are quite normal and typical… and some that are less common. I’ve been busy for a long time in activities that range from politics to writing to running a business to teaching Seminary… and to being a husband and father.
I am finished ghost-writing for others and writing things from a purely technical point of view; it’s my turn to write about the things that are really important in life: God, hope, faith, understanding and encouragement for others.  It’s my hope to do so in a way that you will find interesting, unusual and non-threatening… and at the same time challenging.
In the final analysis, I hope that what you find here will be encouraging and give hope and insight that will enrich your journey through life.
Finally, I’d just like to thank you for your visit to The Life project today. It’s always a little humbling when people stop by and check out my work, and I appreciate it more than you can know. Sign up to receive his blogs, you’ll be glad you did.

Here’s a link to The Life Project

Here’s a link to June’s posts. We’re in the Song of Songs – (June 2018 posts)

Besides writing, Don is a photographer with hundreds pictures online and free to use.  Here’s a link to them. The photo featured above is one his nature shots as well as those at the end of his blog titled “The Journey: Photography — about how the art of photography has become a spiritual practice he shares with the Lord.

Photography is something that I used to enjoy as a youth; I even won a few prizes in contests in high school.  I was never anything great of course, but it was a lot of fun.  I had to give it up when my eyesight started to fade in my 20’s because I could no longer focus and I never thought that there would be the slightest chance of taking up a camera again.  A couple of years ago, I discovered almost by mistake that I could use a digital camera set on auto focus, as long as I didn’t allow myself to be too frustrated by the fact that I generally can’t be sure what I’m taking a picture of and don’t mind hitting the delete button frequently when I cut something out of the composition; a roof line, somebody’s head… I thought I had them in the shot but… oh well.
Now I go out on picture trips very frequently, and if I may say so, I think I bring home some decent pictures, for an amateur.  We need not get into how many are botched! Here’s what has made it a spiritual blessing for me:
For one thing, when I take a nature shot and upload it I can see God’s creation in a way that I can never see it in life. There are details in creation that I lost decades ago and they are often amazing; I blogged on one such instance yesterday. If for no other reason, this enhanced and renewed appreciation for God’s handiwork has blessed me beyond measure.
Another aspect of this takes place when I post the photos on my blogs.  I can’t help noticing that my photos have started popping up in other blogs both here on WordPress and on other blog venues such as Tumblr.  It is a blessing to me to see that others are being blessed by my pictures.  Understand that everything I post is OK to share or re-post or whatever; I’m not doing this for money (and who would pay for anything I post anyway?)
Next, I sometimes try to take a picture that illustrates something about the nature of God or our relationship with Him, which is to say that I try to look for metaphors and compose them in a photo.  Obviously I am at a disadvantage in this pursuit, but when I get it right, I can write a post and preset it with a photo that communicates God’s glory beyond words.  No, it doesn’t happen like this very often, but when it does, my cup overflows.
Finally, the whole exercise of making photos and sharing them with others reminds me that we need not be entirely restricted by our outward circumstances in serving God.  My wife thinks I should get a white cane, that it would be safer for me when I’m walking around looking for a shot; maybe she’s right.  I haven’t done it; I’d really prefer not to call that kind of attention… but it would be hilarious, don’t you think?  A blind guy with a white cane walking around taking pictures?  The truth is, on more than one occasion, I’ve walked past a scene, not realizing what I walked past, when suddenly a picture comes into my head.  I turn to look and see nothing more than a blur, colors, shadows, light… Then I shoot it and move on.  When I upload the batch of pictures, to my astonishment, is the composition that popped into my head from ‘nowhere’ and it is the best shot of the day. These are the shots that end up all over the net, as it happens.
When I really don’t want to go out and take pictures, I reflect on this and grab my camera!
Next time, let’s consider what happens when we notice other people…

Here’s three photos from Don Merritt’s blogsite:


Below is our featured artist, Mike Moyers, Spring, 2018

This piece is titled Emmaus Road and is based on Luke 24:32: “‘Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?”


Mike Moyers is our first artist to share his work. Burning Hearts. "Were not our hearts burning within us when He spoke to us on the road?" (The Emmaus disciples with the resurrected Jesus.)

About the Artist, Mike Moyers

I am a visual communicator who has a passion for exploring matters of faith through art. 
For me, art is a kind of meditation. Through art, I am able to explore faith in ways I never thought possible. I consider my work to be a kind of “theological impressionism.” The majority of my work is conceptual. I believe human imagination is a special gift. Sometimes, I paint plein air to discover beauty and truth in our everyday lives. All of these works have a spiritual core that celebrate, explore and wrestle with the mysteries of God. 
People all over the world enjoy my work. I pray that my efforts will open new doors for you to experience a deeper meditation, and ultimately, a closer communion with God—the one who continues to paint a masterpiece of love and grace in each of us.     www.illuminationsbymike.