Inspirational Articles should be 150 to 700 words and can be on any topic that is devotional in essence. We prefer content that has tight wording and is inspiring. See the first blog posted on this site titled “Desiring God” as an example. If you have an image or someone else’s words to use in the blog, be sure everything is copyright-free and royalty-free.

FIRE: For Those in Pursuit of God is our journal publication. Content articles’ word length can be up to 2000 words. We will have a list of themes posted here soon. We do not pay for content since this is not a for-profit website; however, we will include a bio enabling you to promote your books and website. A short author bio will conclude each article.

Published on these dates: Oct. 15th, Jan. 15th, Apr. 15, Jul. 15th. The deadline for submitting articles is 14 days prior to these dates. The next theme is: Hearing God.

To send us a submission, simply go to the drop down page “Contact Us” and fill out the form. In the body of the message section, you can include your article or blog; or, indicate you’d like to send your submission to us by email and we will reply to you with our direct email.

Please note: We’d like you to also subscribe so you will be added to our email list. We’ll notify you when we have Burning Hearts Journal themes posted. FIRE Journal is a quarterly publication.