Beloved Saints,
Enjoy the beauty of silence. God says: “In quietness and confidence is your strength” (Isaiah 30:15).
When life is hectic, a bit of silence can shine like sheaves of silver or gold. It’s surprising in a world where noise is blaring constantly. It’s so bad that we can’t even wait on hold in quiet when calling a business contact on the phone. We are forced to listen to piped-in music or ads all the time.
We’re so unused to silence that when we find ourselves in quietness, it sometimes feels uncomfortable. But we can welcome the stillness as an oasis in a dry, desert place. Our hearts can sense God in the quiet and know we are not alone.
Reflect on God in the silence, dear ones.
God, You are in the silence and I feel your touch. Thank You for enfolding me, and speaking to me. I revel in Your presence and Your still, small voice tells me that You love me.
This devotional is from Nancy Markworth Brown, graduate of UW-M and Luther Seminary. She's a teacher, artist, retreat leader, grief counselor, and a Christian spiritual director. Her family life in Minnesota includes a husband, four adult children, eighteen grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

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