When God does things and the timing is almost “scary” coincidental, best take notice. That’s God shouting and acting all excited.

Something amazing just happened to my friend and me.
Call it a coincidence or serendipity if you want. I say it’s Jesus.

We were inseparable BFs twenty years ago. I’ve since moved to another state. She’s moved on to other close relationships.

I know that special seasons and people grace our lives. But our time together was extraordinary because God so extravagantly favored us — enough so that I wrote an entire book about what we experienced with God during those years. We were “two peas in a pod” I used to say with a laugh. I’d ask God a question and He’d give her the answer, and vice versa.

We used to talk to each other four or five times a day. Now we communicate by email or a phone call maybe once every four or five months. Tonight she opened an email from me the very moment she finished reading the aforementioned book manuscript I’d sent to her six months ago. She had just finished reading it a moment before opening my email with this issue of FIRE.

Drum roll. Oh, Jesus, You are in this. No doubt about it. I believe He’s delighted in this little reunion of sorts.

She said she’d been thinking about Brother Lawrence, known for his intimacy with God “among pots and pans.” She’d like to emulate the way he “practiced the presence of God” in her workplace. She didn’t know the attached FIRE issue I’d just sent her features Brother Lawrence in the midst of his pots and pans, loving and delighting in God.

He’s so into us! He loves sharing in what we’re doing especially when it involves Him.

Click on the link below and you’ll soon realize this issue is all about being aware of His presence and doings (the coincidences and serendipities). I believe God’s showing us all, you included, His delight in these things.

FIRE – The Keeping Room.

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