I started a spiritual practice many years ago. Each January, I came up with a word that I’d like to experiece as a defining one for my upcoming year. Sometime along the way, I started asking God for my word, rather than choose my own. I  listened and reflected with Him every January 1st–which I habitually set apart as a retreat day with Him.

In recent years, my annual word has come around Christmas. It takes paying attention to notice when it comes, as well as discernment, and confirmation from God. I get all these things every year. By the time January 1st comes, I have the word and can plan and pray accordingly.

Last year’s word was “break-through” . . . Well, it might be two words in reality, but rules never seem to hinder God. He is into the”heart” and spirit of a rule, not the exact letter of the rule. 

I knew “break-through” was not something that would happen, Don’t we love when God gives us a breakthrough? Oh, yes! On this occasion, I heard this as direction. He told me to break through during my upcoming year.

As it turned out, I finished the manuscript of a book I’d wanted to write for over twenty years.  I envisioned and launched this online ministry and community – Burning Hearts for God. I helped my mother move into a retirement community after living with her all winter in MN.  I returned home to NC in time for the birth of my grand-daughter, literally the hour my daughter was taken by ambulance to the hospital due to complications. She’s needed me bigtime and we live together. God knows just where we need to be and when to be there.

Looking back, I am amazed by all that I accomplished (with God). It is stunning to me. When God speaks a word to us, it has creative power. Like, “Let there me light.” And there was light. 

This year’s word is “GRACE” and I am hearing it as lovingkindness and favor coming my way.  What a wonderful God! I am so in love with Him. My word is leaving me speechless. My heart fills with joy every time I think of the word. I cannot wait to see what happens in 2019. 

I encourage you  . . . ask God for your “word” for 2019. Then watch what happens. 

This blog is by Margaret Montreuil. For more information, please visit her author web site:  http://margaretmontreuil.com

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