God’s Spirit has been tranforming people’s hearts like never before. In this generation (in a lifespan of 70 years) the Church has witnessed several movements of God. Let’s reflect on them, get some perspective and feel God’s heart. This is an eye-opener!


The Evangelical Movement. The Word of God spread throughout the world in print and media, and in people’s own languages. God’s Word accompanied a great harvest of souls while making true disciples of nations. God’s grace and His Word poured out across the planet. The original Fellowship of the Burning Heart played a major role. See Our Community pages for information about what is central to our ministry.



The Charismatic Movement. Through God’s manifestation of spiritual gifts and miraculous signs, many believers became experientially filled with the Holy Spirit like  the days of the early church when God’s powerful presence accompanied renewed hearts on fire for God.


The Contemplative and Spiritual Formation Movement. Intimacy with Jesus took form in mystical, spiritual love that enflamed the hearts of many. We learned to be reflective, to listen to God in prayer, to meditate and personalize God’s living Word, the Scriptures, and the life of Jesus, to practice the presence of God. A revival in hearts brought many into an intimate, transforming relationship with God.



The Messianic Movement. Love for Israel and the Jewish people took form in hearts of believers globally. Recognizing Israel prophetically and embracing our Hebrew roots is key to knowing God’s heart and purposes. God’s Story is nearing its climax on earth, from Genesis to Revelation, from Eden to Jerusalem.


One in Faith, Heart, and Spirit.  What Jesus prayed so earnestly the night before His death is certainly on His heart today as that time quickly approaches. He especially prayed for those living today, “. . . that they may be brought into complete unity to let the world know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.” Adoring love is the light and fire of Christ’s bride and the seal in our hearts. Will we see the day Jesus comes for this kind of bride? Never in the history of earth has God’s people been so close to this happening. Passionate love will do it. Here’s a glimpse of today’s Holy Spirit movement which is happening all over the world. Good news!–this is the Gospel in our day. (Click on the flame to watch a moving video.)

God’s love is like none other, it is a love in and of itself.  We are one in God’s all-consuming, perfect, wondrous love.