The first ones to make a pledge/covenant called themselves The Fellowship of the Burning Heart.

The “burning hearts” for God is not a new concept. Our forerunners may have started small, but you’ve got to see this, to appreciate what God did with a few hearts on fire for Him.

A quick glimpse and then read more by following the links. You’ll be amazed.

What: The Fellowship of  the Burning Heart was birthed during a Sunday School conference/retreat.

When: Just after World War II — 1947

Where: San Bernadino mountains in California, a retreat center.

Who: Henrietta Mears and three college-age young men: Bill Bright, Richard C. Halvorson and Louis H Evans, Jr.

This group sparked a Holy Spirit evangelistic harvest because their hearts were on fire for God. How can we cultivate that kind of fire in our hearts? See the page “Today” for thoughtful reflection on the graceful movements of God in our generation.


Here’s their story.

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Here’s their covenant they made with God.

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Bill Bright’s message about what happened to their Commitment Pledge.

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